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Algae, Types Of Marine Water Plants


I have always been fascinated by marine water plants because there is an infinite number of species and all of them are incredible. 

Not only on land we have many wonderful species, but in the sea we can also find beautiful and very interesting plants. In the marine world, there is a whole world to discover marine plants which are also called macrophytes, hydrophytes, or hydrogites.

Marine plants are adapted to aquatic and humid environments, an example is the algae that everybody knows. But now I will tell you a little more about the types of marine water plants.

Submerged plants

Submerged plants can be partially submerged, fully submerged, or with floating leaves. These plants are usually at the bottom of the water, but in some cases, they can even live on land with special care.

Types of algae

This is the most well-known species of the marine world and everybody knows algae. "Algae" applies to organisms of plant nature that live in water regardless of whether it is fresh or salt water, they do not have flowers and these plants can perform the procedure of photosynthesis.

We can find:

Brown algae

Brown algae are also known as phaeophytes, they are large algae that are known for their green colour. It masks the green colour of chlorophyll.

Benthic algae

These algae are important constituents of the sea floor as their development and diversity has been achieved in the sea. They live on rocks and stones.

Red algae

This group of algae has more than three thousand species and is characterised by its reddish colour, also masking the colour of the chlorophyll.

Green algae

These algae are very common and are known as green algae or chlorophytes because of the intense green colour provided by the chlorophyll. They grow on solid objects and absorb nutrients directly from the water and produce their food through photosynthesis.

As you can see many species live in the marine world, these are just some types of marine water plants that you can find in the aquatic system of our world, but the marine species that make up our oceans are enormous and just as on our terrestrial planet we can enjoy plants and a very diverse vegetation, on our aquatic planet there is also great diversity.

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